About Love and Theo-logy

This is for anyone who likes to read.

This is for anyone who likes to read others’ stories about their lives.

This is especially for parents and loved ones of people with special needs. I hope you can find something to relate to and that we can all learn from each other.

This is also for all the teachers, therapists, doctors, nurses, and caregivers who share in our journey.

This is for my sisters.

This is not Theo’s story—that is his own to share how and as he wishes.

This is not an autobiography or diary. This is not a special-needs tell-all. These are stories chosen to share about being Theo’s mom.

I’m writing this blog because . . .

I like to write,

I want to share my experience to support

And maybe even entertain others,

And more personally,

To help me find healing and perspective

Among the memories and current challenges

As my son transitions to adult life.

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M. Annette Joseph
Mom of son with special needs, writer